Crazy or Eccentric

Jun. 9, 2010

I'll bet you dont know I was (am) a nurse. I gave up a lucrative job in surgery to stay at home and make beads. My coworkers thought I was crazy. Before you add your two cents worth, let's review the facts.

First of all, I long ago made an interesting discovery about sane versus insane. I spent three months on a psych rotation, learning about hospitalized illnesses. My patients' symptoms were flagrant and obvious. But when I looked at myself and my classmates, I saw those same strains and tendencies in each of us. Albeit our tendencies lurked in more moderate levels, but they were present nonetheless. My stunning discovery was simply this: A thin strand of normalcy separates the sane from the insane. 

The week before Bead & Button, my thin strand may efface just a little bit into a hairline crack. I obssess over making beads, beads, beads, never enough beads! Then I moan and groan and wring my hands, "I don't even know what people will want!" The cycle replays daily. Yes, I am a closet maniac depressive. 

So am I, was I crazy? Here is my self description: Loves to play with fire and sharp objects. Obssesses over beads. Is catapulted into delerium over stunning color combinations. Right now my kiln is full of luscious new hearts. When you see them, I hope you'll say I'm just wonderfully eccentric. Passionately and hysterically in love with making beads. Yeah, that's it. Eccentric.