My son has made my fabulous new website and insists that blogging is the thing, the only thing that spells success. Of course, I have no clue what he is talking about. I watched Julie and Julia twice, all the way through, and as nearly as I can figure, blogging is a keyboard on hormones. The idea is to key in the thoughts (have I any worth reading?) and they magically appear for people around the world to read. I have no idea why you'd read them...of course, I live in the boondocks where finding anything on line is a serious commitment. It's like going steady with a blind it makes me wonder why it's all the rage. Are there really that many people with well oiled computers in this world? People who read beading blogs? We shall see. If you are reading this, though, I assume you love beads as much as I do, and you're always interested in new ideas to tantalize your friends, family, customers, worst enemy (fill in the blank), and sundry others. In keeping with that purpose, check out my newest kit for a Mixed Media bracelet. It's a fabulous way to use leftover bits of Viking wire, little remnants from long ago projects, and lovely orphans. With a focal bead, a couple bead caps, and a fancy toggle, you've got a stunning new creation! So, dear friends, let this be our new beginning. I will blog once a week and hope that somewhere in the winding wires of the vast unknown, someone is reading my hormone-laced thoughts. Being 61, wouldn't a few hormones be wonderful to have? Ah well, we are what we are! Blessings!

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