I will customize each piece to fit you at no extra charge.  Seriously.  Here's the deal...when it's a good song on the radio it gets a little longer.  If the phone rings it gets a little shorter, but I adjust for free, so I never worry about it.  Make your purchase, and then email me what size you want it to be.  No problem!  These pieces will rotate, and when each one sells, it will be removed.  So if you don't see one you've been watching, you know why!  I will make every effort to keep adding new product...I have the most amazing photographer, and if you email me, I will be happy to put you into contact with her!
All Geared Up for Denim
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Bell Flowers
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Blue Bells
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Fresh floral clusters.

By the Sea
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Cathedral Hearts
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Cherry Red
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Chunky Fun
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Copper Classic
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Magical blend of golds and coppers.

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Frosted Elegance
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Sleek and lovely.
Fuschia and Hot Pink
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Glitzy Centerpiece
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This glitzy centerpiece dresses up denims without going overboard.

Glitzy Glass
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Have a Heart!
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Charmed and charming display of hearts.

Heart Healthy
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Sweet, simple, and smart.

Let It Snow!
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$39.00  Out of Stock
Red, white, and blue never looked so good!
Oh So Blue Floral Clusters
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Blue floral clusters in wild profusion.
Ooh La La
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It's midnight in Paris.

Pink Goes Organic
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Pink, muted and just right.
Prospecting for Gold
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Organic and earthy.
Purple Surprise
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You'll be surprised with this one.

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Ever in style.
Spring Fever
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This piece will put a spring in your step.

Study in Organic Chemistry
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Life is great.
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Tanned with no harmful ultraviolet rays.
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The Best Kind of Snow
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Red & white beads with a dazzling clasp and jolly snowman charm.
There's No Place Like Home
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Very Dorothy.

Tiger's Eye
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Twirly Swirly Joy
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So romantic.
Whale Watching
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Wild at Heart
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Wild at Heart Clusters
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Wild Sapphire
$42.00  Out of Stock

For all blue lovers!

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Colorful and simple.